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Languages on your Holiday
Are you looking for a language course in a relaxing holiday setting?
Combine relaxation and results! Hone your language skills while enjoying your holiday at La Margarita, right on the beach on the Costa Dorada!
Start speaking right away! We’ll get you started with our courses in small groups at our modern Language Academy, located in L’Hospitalet de l’Infant, in walking distance from La Margarita.

Our language holidays cater to individuals and families who are looking for effective language classes and value attractive accommodations. No crowded city apartments shared with party-minded students! Instead, enjoy a unique holiday experience on a lovely beach untouched by mass tourism!

Language classes for adults, teenagers, and children
At Costalingua Language Academy we offer language classes for adults, teenagers and children in Spanish, English, French, German, and Italian, at all levels (A1-C2), all year round. Holiday courses are available in small groups (max. 6 participants) or as private tutorings. We offer different intensity levels: two, four, and five hours daily (Monday-Friday).

The school is located  in the center of L’Hospitalet de l’Infant, in walking distance from La Margarita. All classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with PCs, internet access, and audio/video resources.
Classes are run in small groups (max. 6) and you will get personalized attention. Our experienced teachers are native speakers and speak at least four other languages. With their communicative teaching methods they will motivate you and make you feel at ease, so you will start speaking right away!
For more information on our course types please consult Language Courses, for arrangements and prices see Fee Calculator. Or contact us for more details or for individual arrangements!

Special packages
At Costalingua we have something for everybody! Put together your own, individual holiday program, or choose from one of our special packages. For example Costalingua 50+, Costalingua Golf & Learn, and Costalingua Family. We'll be happy to advise you on our offering and help you design an unforgettable holiday experience!

Costalingua 50+ - Personalized attention in a relaxed atmosphere!

Share your learning experience with like-minded people who value a highly professional language school with a personal touch. Our experienced teachers  will give you personalized attention. In our small groups you will study at your own pace and will feel at ease to start speaking right away! And after class, why not enjoy a cultural or gastronomic excursion with one of our own multi-lingual tour guides to one of the many fascinating sites in the region?
For more information on this offering please see Costalingua 50+ or contact us for an individualized offer.
Costalingua Golf & Learn - Combine the useful with the agreeable!

Hone your golf skills under clear blue skies at the nearby Golf Club Bonmont with an AAT PGA Pro, brush up on your Business English or learn Spanish at Costalingua Language Academy! Come alone, with a friend, or bring your family along!
For more information about this package please see Costalingua Golf and Learn!
Costalingua Family - the family-friendly option for your language holiday!

Have you ever thought of studying a language during your holidays or sabbatical but didn’t think you could bring your family along? Costalingua Family allows you to combine a family vacation with a language course - for yourself and/or for your children. 
The bungalows at La Margarita are spacious enough for 4 to 5 people. La Margarita resort is a suitable destination not only during the summer months but equally in spring and autumn. There is much to discover in the environs, be it by hiking or biking in the mountains, windsurfing or even learning how to kite-surf, or exploring the rich cultural heritage in the region. The beach, the village, and the surroundings offer suitable activities for all ages. 

For more information please see Costalingua Family or contact us!!
After-class activities

After your language class you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the beach, engage in sports activities, to discover the region’s natural beauty and cultural treasures, and of course get a taste of local cuisine and wine!  There are many fascinating sites nearby, among them some hidden treasures truly off the beaten track!
We organize excursions with our own multi-lingual tour guides to a variety of sites, but there is no standardized group program. You choose your own activities! We'll be happy to provide you with suggestions on-site and help you organize your activities to suit your interests and those of your family.

Beach holidays only
At La Margarita we offer beach holidays with a language option. Of course, you may simply book your holiday without enrolling in a language course. Book your bungalow online under Bungalow Reservation, or contact us for availability and rates.   
Alternative Accommodations
Should our 12 houses in La Margarita be fully booked during your desired time of stay, we can advise you on equivalent accommodations with our trusted partners in L’Hospitalet/Miami. Please contact us.